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Frisco Slab Leak Repair

Leaks under concrete slabs generally come in two forms, sewer leaks and water line leaks. If your water lines are leaking, it is usually easy enough to notice in the cost of water bill increasing. A small leak in a water pipe can leak as much as 10,000 gallons a month. However with sewers lines, they may or may not leak for a longtime before the signs are noticed. The sewer leak can be going directly into the soil beneath the slab and not cause any immediate odor or signs. Learn more about our sewer services here.

We can perform a leak detection service to see what may be going on underneath and inside ones slab. We have information on our detection services here. Repair options for any type of slab leak are described next.

Three Types of Frisco Slab Leak RepairFrisco slab leak

If there are more than one leak this can be a practical repair option. This option can require digging into larger areas of floors and the concrete slab in order to get to the pipe leak and replace the broken pipe with new piping. Everything around the area in the home will need to be removed for a jackhammer is needed to to cut a hole into the slab. This is how we would need to get direct access to the leaking water or sewer line. This can be a messy process.

Pipe Re-routing
There are numerous benefits to re-routing plumbing pipes. If there are multiple leaks, or if the pipes are really close together in the slab it can make it difficult to dig up one and not damage the others, and many insurance companies prefer this method. With this repair, new pipe is run above ground in walls or ceilings. This works well if only short length of pipe need to be replaced. It is less time consuming, less messy, and usually less expensive to repipe than to dig up pipes and replace pipes.

Pipe Relining
A newer method of fixing pipe leaks is called trenchless pipe repair. With this, a new pipe liner is pushed through a broken sewer pipe to cover and seal the leak. No digging, hence the term trenchless, is needed. Access to both ends of pipe is all that is needed. An epoxy infused flexible sleeve is pulled through the old pipe but it cures in place to become strong, rigid pipe as smooth as new PVC pipe.

Check with your homeowners policy to see what type of coverage you have for slab leak repair in Frisco TX. Different companies have different coverage.

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Slab Leak Repair in Frisco Texas

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